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Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, Conrad Bayelle & Associates is a respected law firm
known for its expertise in U.S. Immigration Law, Personal Injury Law, and Family Law.

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Conrad Bayelle & Associates is a distinguished law firm celebrated for its comprehensive knowledge, outstanding service, and dedicated representation in the complex field of legal services.We are a team of seasoned attorneys specializing in key areas such as U.S. Immigration Law, Personal Injury Law, and Family Law. Guided by the experienced leadership of Conrad and Bayelle, our associates work tirelessly to provide top-tier legal solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs.


U.S. Immigration Law

Navigating U.S. immigration law can be a complex and challenging process. Whether you’re seeking to relocate for work, unite with family members, apply for citizenship, or manage legal issues, you need an experienced immigration law firm by your side. That’s where Conrad Bayelle & Associates comes in.

Personal Injury Law

Accidents can happen at any time, causing not only physical harm but emotional distress and financial hardships as well. At Conrad Bayelle & Associates, we understand these challenges and are dedicated to helping victims of personal injury secure the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. 

Family Law

Family law issues can be emotionally draining and legally complex. At Conrad Bayelle & Associates, we understand these complexities and the personal stakes involved. We are committed to providing compassionate, thorough, and effective representation to guide you through every step of your family law journey.


Our strength at Conrad Bayelle & Associates is our dedicated, diverse team of legal professionals. With extensive collective experience across numerous law fields, our attorneys provide client-centric, results-oriented services. Each attorney’s unique skills complement our collaborative approach, offering comprehensive representation for every case.

Conrad Bayelle Sr. Esq.

Bio coming soon.

Chika Enekwe Esq.​

As an Immigration Attorney, Personal Injury, and Civil Litigation Attorney, Chika Enekwe represents individuals going through some of the most difficult moments in their lives. 

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