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Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, Conrad Bayelle & Associates is a respected law firm
known for its expertise in U.S. Immigration Law, Personal Injury Law, and Family Law.

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Conrad Bayelle & Associates is a distinguished law firm celebrated for its comprehensive knowledge, outstanding service, and dedicated representation in the complex field of legal services.We are a team of seasoned attorneys specializing in key areas such as U.S. Immigration Law, Personal Injury Law, and Family Law. Guided by the experienced leadership of Conrad and Bayelle, our associates work tirelessly to provide top-tier legal solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs.


U.S. Immigration Law

Navigating U.S. immigration law can be a complex and challenging process. Whether you’re seeking to relocate for work, unite with family members, apply for citizenship, or manage legal issues, you need an experienced immigration law firm by your side. That’s where Conrad Bayelle & Associates comes in.

Personal Injury Law

Accidents can happen at any time, causing not only physical harm but emotional distress and financial hardships as well. At Conrad Bayelle & Associates, we understand these challenges and are dedicated to helping victims of personal injury secure the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. 

Family Law

Family law issues can be emotionally draining and legally complex. At Conrad Bayelle & Associates, we understand these complexities and the personal stakes involved. We are committed to providing compassionate, thorough, and effective representation to guide you through every step of your family law journey.

20:21 13 Jun 24
I highly recommend Conrad bayelle to everybody that are looking for a good support regarding an accident case, contract cancelation or any other claims.. I would be able to guide you and follow you up on the right to get into the issue that you're going through..I ensure you that they are the best...
mirabelle domboumirabelle dombou
20:49 04 Jun 24
Thank you Lawyer Conard Bayelle for helping me for my accidents cases.
14:41 03 Jun 24
Very good in their services 👏 whe ever you call you get your answer 👍
DeVaughn VenableDeVaughn Venable
15:04 30 May 24
Awesome Law Firm, customer service and staff is great! I would highly recommended it to everyone,
Maryann ChimaMaryann Chima
12:24 30 Apr 24
Conrad is an amazing lawyer, he is patient and very empathic. Voilet is also amazing, she is soft spoken and takes her time to explain and a sweet soul. Conrade has helped my friends and I get our permanent stay and I’ll recommend him any day any time.
Blandine MunohBlandine Munoh
20:11 23 Apr 24
This is a place to be when you have any any problem any issue with car accident or immigration? Don’t hesitate to contact these people. They are so good and they take good care of you. I have my own person taking care of me her name is Reyna. She was the best she took me from one step to another, and finally, my whole process was complete in no time so I am so grateful for these people please give them a try and you will not regret it 🥰🥰
adelaide fouteadelaide foute
16:05 23 Apr 24
I’m very happy that I got the chance to work with this firm. After having to wait 8 years for my asylum application he was able to make it possible in 6 months. He is a very good lawyer that makes it possible for his clients. Ms hope is also very exceptional for me. She went step by step to make sure I understood everything even though we had a language barrier. Can’t be more proud of this firm. I wish Ms hope a brilliant career more to come. I recommend this firm to any asylum applicant.
Atehwah CheAtehwah Che
21:55 17 Apr 24
I wish I could click on 10stars. Conrad Bayelle and co. are rockstars at what they do. The level of professionalism I experienced was top notch. Mr Bayelle, Violet and Candi, the dedication, attention to details and patience you show your clients is admirable. Thank you all.
Catherine FamboCatherine Fambo
18:30 15 Apr 24
My experience with the Law Office of Conrad Bayelle has been tremendous. Throughout my case, Mr. Conrad and Miss Violet provided me with the necessary information, and they were both very responsive to emails and personal calls. There was a time when I faced a severe challenge with my case, and I thought all was lost. Amazingly, Mr Conrad stepped in immediately, and the rest is history. I will recommend the Law Office of Conrad Bayelle anytime, any day.
Stephanie NjindaStephanie Njinda
15:17 26 Mar 24
I had been in the US for 7 years on pending asylum. I was already looking for other means of having my documents when I was introduced to the law office of Conrad Bayelle. I was told of how swift everything goes. I immediately went there. Explained everything, we started the process and guess what? My case was approved on March 7th 2024. It’s been a journey and I encourage anyone reading this review to rush to the law office of Conrad Bayelle. I promise you, you will never regret it, plus the staff and associates are so amazing #Ms. Angeles. Thank you.
Marie LaureMarie Laure
16:44 25 Mar 24
Conrad was available to answer calls even on his personal phone. Making me feel taken care of and heard. Quick service, they do their best with communicating despite the high volume. Friendly staff! Merisa was helpful and caring as well and made me feel secure with my case! I will recommended people to his office!
alain gierecealain gierece
12:09 22 Mar 24
I highly recommend(Conrad Bayelle) this amazing attorney. He work with you,so he is very affordable. The rest of the team eased my mind about the whole process. Definitely great customer service and professionalism. I am also very happy with the deal I got. Furthermore they always keep you updated on your case I’m referring him to all my friends and family!
Toyin AbejideToyin Abejide
15:46 12 Mar 24
Many thanks to Marissa & Conrad. I am delighted to share my positive experience with Law Office of Conrad Bayelle & Associates. From the moment I reached out to them regarding my case, their team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and dedication. They meticulously analyzed every detail, communicated transparently throughout the process, and advocated tirelessly on my behalf. Thanks to their expertise and negotiation skills, they successfully settled my case, achieving a favorable outcome beyond my expectations. I am immensely grateful for their unwavering support and highly recommend Law Office of Conrad Bayelle & Associates to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation.


Our strength at Conrad Bayelle & Associates is our dedicated, diverse team of legal professionals. With extensive collective experience across numerous law fields, our attorneys provide client-centric, results-oriented services. Each attorney’s unique skills complement our collaborative approach, offering comprehensive representation for every case.

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